Watch news or Pet your Dog? The amazing statistics to keep you happy!

There is no doubt, the Corona Virus is on everyone's minds. Everywhere you look, the news is talking about how terrible it is and how no one is safe. It will cripple the economy, don't look out your window, hide under the bed it is coming for you...

With all this going on, it is hard to stay happy and positive. If you are like most people, you are glued to your TV. What will happen next? The infection rate is climbing one by one. Is it helpful to keep watching the news? Probably not. They still want you to just wash your hands, stay home or keep your distance.

One thing still holds true. Your dog can act as your calming mechanism during these tough times.

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Dogs Helping with stress and anxiety 

Dogs can serve as a source of comfort and support. Therapy dogs are great at this. They’re sometimes brought into hospitals or nursing homes to help reduce patients’ stress and anxiety. This might be tough during these times, but it still holds true at home.

“Dogs are very present. If someone is struggling with something, they know how to sit there and be loving,” says Dr. Ann Berger, a physician and researcher at the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. “Their attention is focused on the person all the time.”

Check out these statistics.

Seven in ten (71%) dog parents say their pup has made them happier people, with nearly four in five saying it's easier to wake up in the morning because their dog greets them. About half of pup parents say their dog has made them more patient (54%), responsible (52%) or affectionate (47%)

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