Top 10 signs you are a Doodle Dad!

1. You brag shamelessly about your best bud.
Ours is the fastest runner who can bark louder and more often than any other dood. He holds the world record for getting in the garbage the most and most trip visits to the vet!
2. Your doodle has three beds—but sleeps in yours.
He also has the audacity to get grumpy when I get in the bed as if I am getting into his bed. I usually get a annoyed grumpy noise followed by him jumping off the bed. It is hilarious.
3. Doodles are always welcome at your house—other guests, well, maybe not so much.
We have a group of friends that for some reason our dood goes after and annoys one of their kids. We don’t invite them over as often. Ha. Sorry, but dood first!
4. Before leaving home, you make sure you have the essentials: keys, wallet, phone and, of course, your doodle.
Lately, our dood comes along wherever we can bring him. He loves sticking his head out the window and taking in the fresh air!
5. You wear your doodle-loving heart on your sleeve—quite literally, in fact.
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6. Your doodle has his own social media accounts.

We have Barking Doodle on Facebook and Bronx_The_Doodle for Instagram. Love our Dood!

7. You tell bad doodle dad jokes.

What does a doodle look like in a women’s wig? Dood looks like a laaadyyyy…. (Kind of an Aerosmith Doodle joke. And yes, pretty terrible.

8. You’ve FaceTimed your doodle.

Yet, he never really talks much.

9. Everyone buys you doodle dad gifts.

I have mugs, shirts you name it. We may be bias, but we think has the best for doodle Moms and Dads!

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10. You want to pet every doodle you meet.

Somehow if you own a doodle, you feel like other doodles are related. As if you can feel free to pet them when you want.


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    • My Doddle guy loves to dance,he jumps up with paws on my shoulders soon as he hears music and walks back and forward turns in circles with me, I’m 4"10 and he is taller then me,I call him a dancing doddle…

      Polly white

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