Top 10 signs that you're an awesome Doodle Mom

 Top 10 signs that you're a Doodle Mom

1. You let your doodle have free reign of the furniture

2. Your doodle always turns your frown upside down.

3. You get abnormally excited to give your doodle presents.

4. You talk to your doodle as if he were human.

5. You have a Doodle Mom shirt or mug from

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6. The only plans you commit to on the weekend are plan with your doodle

7. You never miss an opportunity to celebrate your doodle.

8.You put more effort into picking out your doodle's Halloween costume than you do your own.

9. You think about getting the doodle dad if there is one, a shirt or mug for father’s day from

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10. Your doodle always comes up in any conversation you have.


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  • Best shirts ever.


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