Top 10 Reasons Doodles are the Best Dogs!

Top 10 Reasons Doodles are the Best Doodles!


  1. They'll greet you like you've been gone a century when you only went out for a five-minute trip to the store.
  2. They keep your bed warm for you when it gets cold at night.
  3. Doodles will watch TV with you without hogging the remote.
  4. Doodles find the greatest joy in even the simplest of things, like a ride in the car.
  5. Doodles are the best because, unlike people (and most cats), they love you unconditionally.

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  1. They know how to take awesome selfies.
  2. Doodles will inspire you to stop and sniff the flowers.
  3. They make a tough day at the office so much better. National Public Radio(NPR) reported that, according to a study published in the "International Journal of Workplace Health Management," bringing your Doodle to work can actually help relieve stress.
  4. And, according to the American Heart Association, owning a Doodle may even protect you from heart disease.
  5. Doodles make the best workout partners. They'll motivate you to get up and get moving but won't make you feel guilty when you just want to crash on the couch.

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