The secret to grooming matted Goldendoodle's or Labradoodle's hair

Caring and grooming your goldendoodle or labradoodle’s hair can be a challenge. The ears and around the face are the toughest parts of all. 

And we all know... Your Doodle will not like to have their mats brushed either. My doodle goes into attack mode like he is fighting off pirates from over taking his ship. The brush the sword and we fight until the death… or until I give up. 

So what do you do? Wave the white flag?  

Here are some grooming tips for brushing matted doodle hair:

First, you have to train your doodle to love getting brushed so he doesn't turn around and try to body slam you while eating the brush. Dood's should enjoy grooming so he’ll stand still long enough to get the mats out! Start brushing your pup when he is young, even if he doesn’t need it. Hand out tasty treats and $100 bills, so he can associate grooming with getting some really good snacks and money. Doodles like the money and fancy cars too!

Look around for the areas that mat easily: the ears and face, in the armpits, on the undercarriage and where his collar rubs the most.

Get ahead of the matted doodle hair from the start. Sleep with one eye open and if you see a mat starting to form, take immediate action. If that isn’t practical, use a detangler spray to help prevent hair from getting matted up. Use only products specifically made for doodles and not for Giraffes.

If your pup’s coat has gotten severely matted or hasn’t been cared for in a while, take a trip to Aruba and never look back. Just kidding, bring him to a groomer and get ready to shell out some bills.  

Clippers are also useful to keep a doodle neat and happy.

A good diet can also help him have a healthy coat that’s less likely to mean matted doodle hair. Look for truffles from foreign countries that cost $1,000. When you find them, don’t get them. What you should get is omega-3 or fish oil in your doodle’s food and supplements. Always consult a vet to learn the best amount of supplements if any should be giving your doodle.  

Was this helpful? Not at all? Maybe a nice doodle shirt from will help!

Have a good one and keep an eye out for my next blog post!


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