The most popular Dog Breeds - Where do the Doodles rank?

Here are the top 10 Dog Breeds.

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10) Pomeranian

Countries/regions most popular in: Bulgaria, Serbia, Israel

Small size mixes with big personality to create this alert, intelligent breed. Pomeranians make great pets for families with children who can act sensibly around the dog – they have a tendency to snap around other animals and act in a reserved manner around unfamiliar humans. Poms are happy as apartment pets and require only a small amount of indoor exercise.

9) French Bulldog

Countries/regions most popular in: Hungary, United Kingdom, Czech Republic

With their trademark bat ears and a playful disposition, Frenchies are a popular choice for a family pet. They tend to be fairly quiet and are friendly with strangers and animals alike, sometimes requiring a great deal of attention. These smaller dogs do not require a lot of outdoor exercise and can struggle in warmer weather.

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8) Chihuahua

Countries/regions most popular in: Mexico, Guatemala, Puerto Rico

This toy breed is named after the northern state within Mexico, and has become a national symbol for the country. Although popular across Central America, Chihuahuas can be difficult to housebreak, require diligent training, and can be incompatible with small children as they are easily frightened. They can also become jealous of other pets.

7) Poodle

Countries/regions most popular in: Argentina, Japan, Uruguay

For years after World War II, the poodle was the most popular dog breed in the United States. This fiercely intelligent dog comes in three different sizes (standard, miniature and toy). Poodles often get along well with other pets but can be shy around strangers. They are generally considered to be sociable, although they do require lots of mental stimulation.

The poodle is France’s national dog, although it is believed the breed started by hunting ducks in Germany. It has often won ‘Best in Show’ at both Crufts in the United Kingdom and the Westminster Dog Show in the United States. Poodle crossbreeds are also becoming a more common occurrence, such as Labradoodles and Goldendoodles.


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6) Golden Retriever

Countries/regions most popular in: United States, Canada, Lebanon

The Golden Retriever has long been considered one of the most popular breeds in the United States. These working dogs can be trained for a variety of tasks and love to play outdoors. As the name indicates, they were historically used to retrieve game and waterfowl, but they now make wonderful family dogs due to their happy, gentle and outgoing personalities.

5) Pug

Countries/regions most popular in: Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala

This mischievous dog has a large head and is renowned for its human-like facial expressions. Due to the shape of their heads, Pugs have a tendency to wheeze and snort when undertaking physical activity. Its expressive personality makes it an ideal companion dog, and its even-tempered nature means it can make a good family pet too.

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4) Siberian Husky

Countries/regions most popular in: Czech Republic, Armenia, Russia

Siberian Huskies have famously been used to pull sleds over frozen landscapes. These strikingly beautiful working dogs have distinctive blue or brown eyes and are usually good-natured and playful. Their inherent energy means they require ample room to run around, otherwise they can become destructive.

3) Labrador Retriever

Countries/regions most popular in: United States, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom

The Labrador Retriever has been ranked as the most popular breed in the United States by the AKC since 1991; however, it only ranks in third spot across the world.

Appearing in three colors (black, yellow or chocolate), the friendly and outgoing personality of a Lab makes them perfectly suited to life as a family pet. They are even-tempered and won’t hesitate to show love and affection. In addition, Labs are trained as service dogs in many countries; they can aid the blind, provide assistance to humans with autism or act as a therapy dog. Despite their relaxed disposition, these dogs love to engage in long games of fetch and can become destructive if left alone for too long.

2) German Shepherd

Countries/regions most popular in: Poland, United States, Slovenia

Sometimes abbreviated to GSD, the German Shepherd is a medium-to-large sized working dog with a striking, wolf-like appearance. This working breed consistently places in second on the AKC list – with our research showing it is the same story on a worldwide scale.

These large and agile dogs have extremely high intelligence and are loyal, brave and confident. GSDs are renowned for their character, with their loyalty and courage almost unmatched amongst canines. They can be trained for almost any task – German Shepherds are great family pets, reliable guard dogs, trained for police and military work, amongst a plethora of other jobs.

1) Bulldog

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