The BEST dog food for Goldendoodles and Labradoodles!!

Do you need a new brand of dog food for your doodle?

With all of the FDA stuff going on, we found the best dog food for your doodle. It is made with pure Lobster and Steak and only costs $495 per bag.

Now that's a steal!

Dog food goldendoodles labradoodles


We all know that our doodles deserve the best, so why not give them the best. This doodle food was caught from the best scuba divers in Arizona. They jumped deep in the desert to wrangle those lobsters for your doodles and were glad to do it. 

This dog food is a blend of lobster tails and the best cuts of steaks around. Your doodle will be begging for more and you will be flat broke .

Don't worry about your doodle and get the dog food that will keep them clawing back for more.

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goldendoodle shirt


Please note the accuracy of this article is not too good and probably not true.

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