Summer ideas for you and your doodle

The sun is shinning, nice weather is here and our dogs want to get out and play! So, what can we do with them? Take them to an amusement park? Have a cup of coffee outside? There are so many things to do, but which ones make most sense and are dog friendly.

We have put together a list to try and make it easier for you. Take a look below and let us know what you think!

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Now, to the list!

  1. Go for a Hike

Doodles of all kinds, big and small are great hiking companions. Make sure that they are socialized among people and other dogs and that the weather isn’t too hot so you can have a great day exploring with them. Make sure that the hike is not too strenuous for them and they are well hydrated through the whole trek. Try to refrain from climbing up cliffs!

  1. What about a Camping Trip?

Summertime means pet fun! It’s the perfect season for camping with your good friends and pets. Whether you’re a backpacker that goes on journeys for days, a person who has one to many drinks near the fire, or a casual camper, your Doodle can be a great addition to your summer plans. Make sure to do the research and get the right gear, and have fun. 

  1. Water works in the backyard

Does your Doodle love water, especially on a hot, humid day? Then turn your backyard into a private water park for your Doodle! Grab a sprinkler or hose, set it up, and encourage your Doodle to play fetch through it.

Want something more upscale and sophisticated? Build a full sized waterpark! Ok, maybe not a full sized water park… but seems like a fun idea!



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  1.  Drive-in Movie Date

Drive-in movie theaters are not only fun for the whole family, but fun for your pup too! Your Doodle gets to spend quality time with the family and gets plenty of enrichment by visiting a new place and interacting with new people and other Doodles.

Many drive-in theaters recognize the perks of bringing your Doodle to the movies, and most have special areas set aside for your Doodle to do her business. 

  1. Play in the Pool

Swimming is not only fun, but it’s a great way to introduce another form of exercise for puppies. In addition to proper training, you must take precautionary measures before teaching your pup to swim in a pool. Most important of all, understand that some puppies love swimming but others are simply not interested. Mine is not, and that is ok. He just barks at the kids because he wants them to splash him.

  1. Hit the Beach

The beach is a traditional destination for summer, but imagine how relaxing it could be with your Doodle trotting at your side as the gentle waves lap at your feet. Spend a day soaking up the rays with your Doodle.

Make sure you go to Doodle-friendly beaches, keep your pup out of choppy waters, and provide sun protection for him. With some careful preparation, you and your Doodle can relax in the sand and sun.

      7. Pack a Picnic

With summer in full swing, it’s the perfect time to plan a picnic with your pet. Dining outside when the weather is nice is so fun to do with your Doodle. You can plan a picnic from the park to the beach to my own backyard.

  1. Make Summer Treats

Making your own Doodle treats during the summer is a fun reward for your Doodle. Try freezing Doodle toys in ice cubes so your Doodle stays hydrated and cool all summer long. You can also make treats with peanut butter that your Doodle will love.


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