Reindeer Food Recipe and fun activity

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to add a sprinkle of magic to your festivities than by making your own reindeer food? Join us on this enchanting journey as we create a special treat for Santa's trusty companions. It's a simple and festive activity that will not only captivate the imaginations of little ones but also contribute to the joy and wonder of the season. 

The best reindeer food recipe can be found in the kids book, "That's Not Dasher, That's My Dog"

Bake Festive Treats: Get your little ones involved in the kitchen by baking delicious Christmas treats. The newest tradition we found was making "Reindeer Food". A new book was released last year called "That's Not Dasher, That's my Dog!" and it contains a recipe for making "Reindeer Food" and it is AMAZING! The sweet aroma and the shared experience will make this activity extra special.    

As you sprinkle your homemade reindeer food on your lawn or doorstep on Christmas Eve, envision the joy it will bring to the hearts of those who witness it. Don't forget to eat some too! This simple tradition is a beautiful way to create lasting memories and share the magic of the season with family and friends.

So, gather your ingredients, embrace your creativity, and let's make this holiday season truly enchanting for all, including Santa's hardworking reindeer. Wishing you a magical and joy-filled celebration!

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