Reasons being a doodle mom is better than being a real mom

A few days ago, I had lunch with my friend, Melissa, who helps out with my doodle mom online store,  

We both have doodles, however Melissa also brings temporary foster dogs into her home until they get adopted. How awesome is that?!

We got to talking about how busy life can be and the added stress that not only dogs can bring into our life, but also kids with their crazy schedules. Since when did sports go year round???

So in honor of other doodle moms out there, I was inspired to jot down a few reasons why being a dog's mom is better than being a kid's mom just in time for Mother's Day.

10 reasons being a doodle mom is better than being a kid's mom

1. No pregnancy, labor, or delivery. (Are you sold already?)

2. If they barf, they usually eat it, so cleanup is minimal.

3. You can swear in front of them and they won't repeat it.

4. If you have more than one, arguing is minimal and if they do... you can just throw them outside!

5. If they think you're fat, they keep their mouths shut or open if they want to eat what you're having!

6. They come the first time you call them, unless they are like my stubborn goldendoodle, in which case he just sits out in the far corner and stays as still as a statue.

7. After six months of age, they don't need the next size up in clothes.

8. They don't sit on electronics, unless they actually sit on the electronics.

9. You can put a leash on them without looking like a total lunatic parent.

10. When they get older, they still kiss you, even if their friends are watching.


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Happy Mother's Day to all of the dog and kid moms out there! What's your favorite thing about being a doodle mom?


  • That’s so sweet. I love this pos.

  • Soooo true! Moms of dogs rule!!


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