Labradoodle Inventor a BIG JERK, according to many

The breeder of Labradoodles is claiming he made a big mistake breeding the dog, now known as the Labradoodle. 

His quote: “I opened a Pandora's box and released a Frankenstein monster back in the 80s,” 

labradoodle creator

I mean, the guy makes it sound like he created Penicillin. He just had two dogs get busy. Most people call them mutts, but he came up with a unique name.

He goes on to say Doodles are crazy. Although after watching ours tip over the trash multiple times, I can't totally disagree. But, they still are great family dogs.

Any way, he is on his insulting tour of everyone who paid 10k for the dog they call family.

Perhaps his fame ran out? Wants to get back in the news?

Who knows, what do you think?

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