How to train a Goldendoodle or Labradoodle

So you probably don't know the first thing on how to train your Goldendoodle or Labradoodle.

Neither did I and it can be frustrating. Here are the steps we found that could be helpful.

Steps to train a Goldendoodle
I know the feeling of wanting to begin the training of your cute little canine on the first day you bring him home. But guess what? Young puppies are puppies and are not ready to be taught right out of the gate. Your commands may not sink in.

But as they grow older, let’s say 6 to 8 weeks old, you can expect them to learn each words such as, “Sit,” “Down,” and “Stay.” Perhaps, grab me a drink? Not quite yet.

Traditionally, professional dog training doesn't begin until the dog clocks six months of age. And that is per the guidelines from the Veterinary Centers of America. However, thanks to Goldendoodles' being really really smart and stubborn, you can expect your pup to be ripe for full-blown training earlier than this. Not sure exactly how early.

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There are four types of dog training methods: Obedience training based on positive reinforcement and association

Clicker training

The most popular training approach adopted by many dog training experts and pro pet owners is the clicker training method. This method involves the use of a hand-held device that creates a clicking sound and not your TV remote control.
In this method, you give a command to your pup, which could be a "sit" "fetch" or "stay" command. Once the dog obeys the command, you give them a reward, which could be a treat, a toy, or a praise reward. But when serving this reward, you'll pair it with a clicking sound. Click click...

Over time, the pup will begin to associate the clicking sound with the reward. And whenever he hears the sound of the clicks, he knows immediately that a praise reward is around the corner. In case you don't have a clicker around, you can purchase one from a pet store or check them out on Amazon. Amazon, you know that small website online?


Food rewards - Lobster? Shrimp? 
While the clicker training has to be served consistently to achieve a reliable result, food reward training is only needed occasionally.
Regarding food and treats, Goldendoodles are just like every other dog. They remain as overly motivated by the sound or smell of food as your regular Poodle or Golden Retriever pup. As a result of this innate love for food, you can expect the food reward technique to work wonders on their obedience response.

A typical food reward can consist of regular dog treats such as cold cuts, veggies, hot dog bits, snacks, pieces of cheese, baby carrots, or any other high-value food.

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Goldendoodle Christmas, Labradoodle Christmas

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Scented item training
You can teach your doodles to seek out toys, fetch balls, and perform other simple tasks by simply taking them through the scented item training course. But, of course, this method doesn't always apply to every doodle. The reason is that if you haven't been playing together before using that toy or ball, it might be difficult for the dog to attach any importance to the toy when it sees it.
But since a doodle is a food-driven breed, like other dogs, you can scent the toys with a portion of food or treats you know they like and kick the toy away, while you ask them to fetch it.

Over time, the learning dog will learn to detect and appreciate the toys when he sees it because he knows what the item represents.


Praise reward training
Dogs are quite like humans in this regard. And your Goldendoodle is no exception. They love to be praised, and they enjoy it when their praises are being sung. The praise reward approach is good for a doodle because this breed is very much people-oriented, and their rapport with humans is second to none.

When you want to reward your cute little doodle for good behavior, especially when they've obeyed a command or done something impressive, you can use a praise reward coupled with the food reward you're giving to them.

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And, of course, crate training works too
Crate training is another interesting approach that you can apply to your Goldendoodles. This technique is used to teach your dog or to get them in a routine. On the teaching aspect, it teaches them that they do not go to the bathroom where you sleep since dogs do not like soil their beds.

And on the routine aspect, you can use their time non-crate time to put them through some basic commands, teach them to dance, snuggle, and take a walk.


In conclusion, consistency is key when it comes to training a Goldendoodle, so you just have to choose a training method and stay consistent with it.


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