How Doodle's pick their favorite person

When a Doodle dog enters a room, they typically gravitate towards the person they've singled out as their own. Doodle dogs can show possessiveness over toys, food, and especially towards the individual they've chosen as their favorite. But, have you ever pondered how Doodle dogs select their favorite person? You wouldn’t be the first to wonder, and there are distinct ways in which Doodle dogs determine who holds a special place in their hearts. If you happen to be your Doodle dog's preferred person, chances are, you meet all the criteria in your furry friend's mind.


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So, how do Doodle dogs decide on their favorite person? Doodle dogs have an affinity for attention—and their favorite person is often the one who showers them with the most. If you share an indescribable bond with your Doodle dog, you're likely fulfilling their need for attention. Doodle dogs thrive on praise, and the individual who offers the most praise may just be the one they choose as their ultimate favorite. Like cats, Doodle dogs are naturally opportunistic, so if you're the one offering treats and refilling their food bowl whenever they desire, you could be the reason you're their favorite.

Repetitive positive experiences can also influence a Doodle dog's choice of their favorite person.


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The mind of a Doodle dog is remarkably impressive, particularly certain breeds known for their intelligence. Positive experiences play a significant role in a Doodle dog's life, and when these experiences are repeated consistently, they form habits. Through these habits, Doodle dogs not only learn to trust a particular human but also associate them with positive outcomes, reinforcing their preference. Negative experiences can make Doodle dogs wary, shaping their personality and relationships. For puppies, early bonding experiences are pivotal, imprinting on the person with whom they feel the strongest connection.

Doodle dogs are social beings and may favor the individual who provides them with social interaction.

Socialization is crucial for Doodle dogs, shaping their bonds with others. If you actively engage in socializing your Doodle dog, they're likely to favor you. The person who takes them for walks or to the dog park becomes their favorite because of the enrichment and stimulation they provide. Without adequate mental stimulation, Doodle dogs can suffer from boredom and loneliness, potentially leading to undesirable behaviors. However, it's important to note that a lack of fulfillment from their humans is not the fault of the Doodle dog.

Matching personalities can also influence a Doodle dog's choice of their favorite person.

Doodle dogs possess intelligence beyond what many realize. Observing multiple Doodle dogs in a household can reveal who each dog gravitates towards based on personality. Just like humans, Doodle dogs have unique personalities, and they're drawn to individuals who complement them. For instance, a lap-loving Doodle dog may favor a person who enjoys cozying up on the couch, while an energetic Doodle dog may prefer someone who takes them on outdoor adventures. Shared experiences strengthen the bond between Doodle dogs and their chosen humans.

Indications that you're your Doodle dog’s favorite person include:

  • Your Doodle dog sleeps with you at night.
  • Your Doodle dog accompanies you to the bathroom.
  • Your Doodle dog stays close to you whenever you're at home.
  • Your Doodle dog wags their butt enthusiastically when they see you.
  • Your Doodle dog makes frequent eye contact with you.


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