Goldendoodle grooming styles

Goldendoodles can have many different stylish haircuts. Especially now with the quarantines going on. What can you do?

The dog grooming shop is a great place where your best friend can unwind after a long day of chasing birds. It is time to treat him to a haircut every so often to keep his mane healthy! After all, doodles don't shed, so you kind of owe it to them.
Goldendoodle grooming styles
Here are some ideas for that unruly hair.

Teddy Bear Cut

What Is a Teddy Bear Goldendoodle? | ebknows

It looks how it sounds – your pal will emerge like a fierce bear cub! Well…he’ll be as cute as one at least!

The Teddy Bear Cut keeps more hair around the dog’s face than his body. You don’t have to go too short with this cut. Go with whichever length is best for your dog! If he doesn’t like going to the groomer, a shorter cut will give him a longer break.

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Poodle Cut

Goldendoodle Haircuts: Goldendoodle Hairstyles for Your Doodle Dog

Like a poodle.

Although it’s a little more technical than that, the Poodle Cut is pretty common for furry dogs. It keeps really short fur along the dog’s body, with more left on the top of the head and around his neck (kind of like a mane).

This cut looks best on poodles (or maybe we’re just used to it?) but can work for any dog with lots of fluffy fur!

Lamb Cut

Pin on Hair

Above is an example of a lamb cut. This cut is perfect for curly-haired dogs and is adorable on puppies!

Especially in the summer months, your dood will be happy to shed some of that luscious fur. The Lamb Cut is a shorter style around the body, with more fur left on the legs. It looks great on plenty of dog breeds, so if the temps rising consider this one to keep your pal cool!

The Lamb Cut works for doodles who enjoy the snow as well. It keeps their legs and paws warm during the cold winter months. A versatile cut for any doodle!


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