Difference between F1 Goldendoodle and F1B Goldendoodle and F2 Goldendoodle

F1 Goldendoodle

This generation is 1/2 Golden Retriever and 1/2 Poodle.

F1 Goldendoodle (or first time cross) was a  standard size Goldendoodle and the first to be bred. It is the product of a standard Poodle crossed with a Golden Retriever.  Most first generation Goldendoodles either don’t shed or shed lightly, and are compatible for most families with mild allergies. The F1 Goldendoodle has more of a shaggy coat with looser curls.


F1B Goldendoodle

The F1B  Goldendoodle (or backcross) is produced by crossing an F1  Goldendoodle with a  Poodle. These dogs will have a higher success rate for non-shedding, and are recommended for families with moderate to severe allergies.

Notice that the F1b has a lot more curls and they are tighter curls, more like a Poodle.

This generation is 3/4 Poodle and 1/4 Golden Retriever.

f2 Goldendoodle

A few breeders are breeding second generation (F2) Goldendoodles which are the product of a Goldendoodle crossed with another Goldendoodle.


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goldendoodle vs. labradoodle

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